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ARISE - The 30 day Jump Start Program to Accelerate Your Goals

ARISE - The 30 day Jump Start Program to Accelerate Your Goals

This is the program to get inspired, take action and accelerate towards your goals

  • Are you feeling stuck, unmotivated or lacking clarity?
  • Perhaps you know what you need to do but aren’t doing it?
  • Maybe you have a plan but have stalled, hit a hurdle, or need some help getting back on track?

Then this short program is exactly what you need.

Without a clear plan, a compelling reason, a direction and a target to head towards, you simply won’t achieve your goals or fulfil your potential.

When you are stationery, stuck or stalling you are going nowhere. You are wasting time, falling short of your potential and now achieving what you really want! 

Furthermore, results are measured by action and action is what this course is about. 

The four modules in this program will help you:

  • Gain CLARITY
  • Discover how to set and write magnetic CLEARer Goals
  • Create a clear focused small step ACTION PLAN for the next 30 days
  • Keep focused with a concise WEEKLY FOCUS SHEET
  • Learn a cool technique to power up your daily motivation to take action towards your goals. 
  • Stay on track with a HABIT CREATION PLAN

Finally, accelerate confidently in the direction of your goals.

    6 Modules

    0.0 Introduction to the Program

    How big are your dreams? And how successful have you been in achieving them? Let's explore some options and ideas to help you gain clarity on what you really want.

    1.0 Clarity. Where you are now

    Before we embark on a journey, it's important to take time to prepare. That includes taking a peek at where you are now, before you get going.

    2.0 Activate. Create CLEARer Goals

    It's time to decide what you specifically want and to check you are prepared to do what is necessary!

    3.0 Discover: How to free yourself from distractions

    Discover a powerful way to free yourself from those time wasting viruses, distraction and procrastination!

    4.0 Accelerate: Creating Success Habits

    So , now it's time to get into action.

    Results are measured by actions.

    5.0 Maintain: Momentum and Consistency

    Maintaining Action and Momentum requires creating good habits, routines and a success mindset.

    Modules for this product 6
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