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Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success

How to Create Habits of Excellence - And Transform Your Results

 ★ Create a clear vision and goals for your life

★ Build focus and learn to prioritise

★ Develop mental and emotional resilience for overcoming ups and downs of life

★ Discover exactly what is important and let the unimportant drop away

★ Develop skills to keep yourself motivated and inspired

★Create winning habits and behaviours so you take consistent action even when you don't feel like it

Ultimately Create your own BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS. A clear and concise roadmap for your life.


The Foundations for your Blueprint for Success

  • Reality check: The truth about why you haven’t achieved the results you want.
  • Must-have key ingredients for a winning mindset.
  • Foundations to create your unique Blueprint for Success Handbook™

Creating a Compelling Future

  • Creating a compelling future vision.
  • Making your goals magnetic. 
  • Staying focused on your future vision (even though it may seem a long way off).

Planning for Success

  • Simple planning strategies to drive action.
  • Maintaining focus while travelling along your road to success.
  • Building momentum and achieving wins.

Creating Winning Habits

  • Daily Rituals: a critical ingredient in achieving what’s important to you.
  • The essential habits for boosting productivity.
  • Avoiding procrastination and overwhelm.

Turning Self-Talk Positive 

  • Eliminating doubt and negative self-talk.
  • Thinking like a winner.
  • Reprogramming your brain in the direction of success.

“Know Thyself’ – What Really Makes You Tick?

  • Knowing what is truly important in your life to get results you desire, and why.
  • Embracing three fundamental qualities for long term success.
  • Maintaining consistency: discovering the key.

Building a Positive Emotional State 

  • Overcoming ‘I don’t feel like doing……’ virus.
  • Building a positive internal state and feel inspired daily.
  • Acknowledging your achievements and fast-tracking your results.

Becoming Your Best Self

  • Identifying your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Polishing your skills and breaking through unnecessary behaviours.
  • Improving incrementally and becoming your ideal you.

The Finishing Touches on your “Blueprint for Success”

  • Getting back on track after a fall off the path.
  • Using your “Blueprint for Success” to achieve breakthrough results in all areas of your life.
  • Winning strategies and additional tools for your own unique Blueprint

10 Modules

Welcome to the Program

So let's dive right in and take a look at your amazing brain and mind. Discover why you may not always keep on track and achieve your goals.

Module 1 - Foundations for the Program

Modules for this product 10
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